Noise & Vibration Impacts

Paving on I-80

As early as the week of Monday, Aug. 2, crews are scheduled to place asphalt pavement on the on-ramp from northbound 1300 East to westbound I-80. Crews will then place asphalt pavement in the median of I-80 between 1300 East and 1700 East. These paving activities are to prepare the surface for new concrete pavement to be placed.  

Paving will occur during daytime hours and is anticipated to last through Sunday, Aug. 8. Nearby residents can expect increased vibration and noise.


Concrete Recycling

Crews are recycling the concrete pavement that was removed from the median of I-215 and I-80. This process requires crushing the concrete before it is placed as base for the new pavement. Concrete will be recycled in two locations within the project area.

On I-215, this crushing work will occur intermittently in the median between 3900 South and 4500 South through August. Crushing work on I-80 will also occur intermittently through August. See the maps for the current locations.


Crews may use this technique sporadically throughout the project to recycle material. Concrete will be crushed during daytime hours and removed from the work zone during nighttime hours. 

While these activities will increase noise, vibration and dust for nearby residents, there are several benefits to concrete recycling on-site. Recycling on-site is better for the environment as it reduces the number of trucks driving in and out to haul materials. Additionally, repurposing and using these existing materials saves cost for taxpayers and saves time so the project can move quickly.

1700 East Bridge Work

Crews began work on the south side of the 1700 East bridge over I-80 to prepare for the replacement of the bridge.


Crews will cut and remove the concrete slope underneath the bridge and build a temporary wall in its place to accommodate the upcoming replacement.


This work will occur during daytime and nighttime hours and is scheduled to last through August.


Nearby residents can expect increased noise, dust and vibration.

15688_Map_1700 E. Bridge Work.jpg

East Parley's Way Water Storage

Crews will be using Parley’s Way Park to use the fire hydrant, store water in tanks, and use water trucks to transport water to the project area.

Water trucks will access these storage tanks to fill up their trucks during daytime and nighttime hours regularly throughout the project. See map for location.

This will not impact emergency services’ access to the fire hydrant.

Nearby residents can expect increased noise and truck traffic.

15688_Map_Hydrant-Access (1).jpg

Concrete Removal on I-80 and I-215

Crews are reconstructing the median of I-80 between 1300 East and 2300 East and the median of I-215 between 3300 South and 4500 South. To complete this work, they will need to cut and crush the existing concrete pavement.

Concrete crushing will occur during the daytime. Saw cutting and hauling the concrete out of the work zone will take place overnight when crews can access the work zone with larger equipment. High traffic volumes on I-80 and I-215 during the day require this work to be done overnight. These activities will increase noise and vibration for those on nearby properties. 

This work on the median is scheduled to last intermittently through early August. To see additional project phasing, view the Timeline tab.

The construction schedule and activities are subject to change.

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